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Beatrush Heavyduty Gearbox Mounting Mount – Impreza GRB/GDB/GC8



With year of experience in motor sports, Laile; which manufactures, brands, and operates Beatrush; has collected sufficient data.


information on the tracks of Japan to produce high quality and functional products. Located in Yokohama, Japan; Laile

manufactures most of their product’s brands like Beatrush and Arpsports with their high precision machinery. All the unique

products developed by Laile offers superior safety and plenty of pleasure both in track and the street, as well to look at.


Soft enough to absorb vibrations in the driveline/ chassis, yet strong enough to endure racing use.

This Heavy Duty Gearbox provides greater torque control than stock mount.

It can better maintain proper drive shaft angle during race use than stock.

Also helps prevent early wear and unexpected power train damage!

Recent customer review:

JADEN BENSON, Installed this w/ an Exedy stage 1HD clutch.

The mount is as good as they come, Very heavy duty and ready to be abused.

Pretty sure this thing could survive the nuclear holocaust.”

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