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BorgWarner EFR 7670 Turbo


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BorgWarner EFR 7670 Turbo

***EFR 76/70 Twinscroll and Singlescroll Turbochargers In Stock***

BW’s EFR 7670 is ideal for responsive street driven vehicles as well as road racing and time attack applications. EFR7670 delivers early spool with a healthy 64lb/min compressor flow.

BW utilizes their 70mm Gamma-Ti turbine wheel as the optimal match for the 57.2mm inducer / 76mm exducer FMW compressor for unmatched response. This turbo uses the mid-size EFR ported-shroud compressor housing, great for fitment in cramped engine bays. An excellent fit for use in single turbo applications for the 400-600hp range (up to 2.6L), or as twin turbo applications 800-1200+hp. Ceramic Ball Bearing only, watercooling recommended.

Compressor Specifications

Compressor Type: Forged-Milled Wheel (FMW) Extended Tip

Compressor Wheel OD (exducer): 76mm

Compressor Wheel Inducer: 57.2mm

Max Flow Rate: 64 lb/min

Built-in BOV: All EFR compressor housings incorporate an integrated BOV.

Compressor Housing Connections: [list] [*]Inlet: 3.5″ Hose Coupler

Outlet: 2.0″ Hose Coupler

Turbine Specifications

Turbine Type: Low Inertia Gamma-Ti Turbine Wheel

Turbine Wheel OD: 70mm

Stainless Steel Sand cast Housing

The EFR 7670 is available in (3) different turbine housing configurations:

0.83 A/R T3 Single Scroll (Internal WG) – Part # 179351

0.92 A/R T4 Twin Scroll (Internal WG) – Part # 179390

1.05 A/R T4 Twin Scroll (external WG) – Part # 179392

Turbine outlet: GT-Vband (aka small 3″ vband) ~92mm OD for all EFR turbos

Turbo Features

• Gamma-Ti turbine wheel
• Dual ceramic ball bearing assembly with metal cage
• Forged milled extended tip compressor wheel
• Stainless steel turbine housing
• Water cooled bearing housing
• Large internal wastegate
• Compressor recirculation valve (a.k.a BOV)
• Boost control solenoid valve
• Standard T4 mounting flange

Low Inertia Turbine Wheel
Gamma-Ti turbine wheel cuts turbine inertia by roughly 50% dramatically improving turbo response. Turbine sizes range from 55 to 80mm in exducer diameter.

Heat Resistant Turbine Housings
Investment cast stainless steel turbine housings improve durability and offer an offer extremely smooth internal flow channel. Turbine housings have thin walls to reduce weight and thermal inertia.

High Turbine Efficiency
Superback” and “Fullback” back-disk shapes offer very high efficiencies. The Superback shape adds a curved profile to the back-disk and has the effect of lowering centrifugal stress and permitting higher rotational speeds.

Enhanced Turbo Response
EFR turbochargers use a dual-row ball bearing cartridge with ceramic balls and metal cage. This bearing system provides substantial friction reduction at low turbo speeds and in the process helps improve turbo response. Metal cage improved the durability of the ball bearing assembly

Flexible Compressor Cover
The EFR turbo “large” cover has a dual-machined outlet, both for a hose connection and a v-band connection.

Simplified Installation
Integrated compressor recirculation valve (CRV) to help avoid compressor surge and backflow during a throttle lift event. This feature helps to simplify the installation task and lowers overall system install cost.

Forged Milled Compressor Wheels (FMW)
EFR turbos contain wheels that are fully milled from forged aluminum, commonly known as “billet”. Cut from custom forgings, their strength exceeds that which is available from typical bar-stock and also exceeds the material properties of an aluminum casting

Sensor Mounting Convenience
Speed sensor mounting provisions are also supplied on every compressor cover. Speed sensors are sold separately.

Boost Control Solenoid Valve (BCSV)
A boost control solenoid valve (BCSV) is included with every EFR turbo.

High Flow Wastegates
Purpose designed large wastegate ports give the wastegated EFR turbos the capability of handling the flow requirements of high performance applications.

Ease of Orientation
Turbo orientation flexibility is facilitated by the wastegate bracket to bearing housing mounting arrangement.

Adjustable Wastegate
The fabrication and installation task is simplified with wastegated EFR models that feature adjustable wastegates available in three different canister sizes

Additional information

Turbo Variation

0.92 A/R T4 Twin Scroll IWG 179390, 0.83A/R T3 Single Scroll IWG 179351, 1.05 A/R T4 Twin Scroll EWG 179392

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