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RAW Version Subaru Impreza WRX STi GDA GDB Aluminium Down force Protective Under Panel Cool



New UK Stock

Subaru GDB GDA Aluminium Cooling Protection Down force Cooling Under Panel

Includes downward vented louvres.

The Under Panel enhances downforce at high speed providing improved handling and stability.

It also restrains the air stream from getting caught in the engine room to inhibit the engine from over heating.

Exclusive limited RAW Automotive Edition.

This will be a new unfitted panel.

Please note protective film will be put on panel and RAW engraved embossed logo.

Plate: 2.0mm aluminium / Bracket: aluminium & steel

Fitting kit included with nuts and bolts.

For Turbo models only

No modifications are required for installation on standard models.

Modifications may be required when an aftermarket bumper or exhaust manifold have been fitted to the vehicle.

Air turbulence is significantly reduced. Engine temperatures are reduced and stabilized by removing heat from the engine compartment with specialized slits made to draw out hot air while the vehicle is in motion. Our under panels provide greater protection under the engine than stock plastic panels during heavy track, rally or circuit racing competitions.

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